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At the moment, I live and play in the magical, crazy, weird and wonderful city of Portland, Oregon. I am a musician, composer, and acoustic adventurer that experiments with didgeridoo, a battery of hand percussion, voice, stomp box and imagination to make music. What falls out of the end of my didge can either be a nice soothing and lyrical amalgam of ambient sound or a romping shamanic journey that you can dance, drive your car or do your dishes by. I've made about four and a half albums of didgeridoo music and one and a half albums of non-didgeridoo music. I've traveled not so far and wide yet BUT I'm working on it. I mostly do solo playing but I've also played with other fabulous musicians in many different genres - electronic, blues, Middle Eastern bellydance and even recorded didge for a rock duo form Canada once. I've had (and keeping having) a vast range of cool experiences with this instrument including having the music I've made has show up in a film called The Otherworld, connecting with awesome people and even winning an award or two....or three or four or five.

Anyhoo, I seriously love what I do and I love sharing it with people who love hearing it. So that's why I've taken the time to create a subscription option here on Bandcamp. Here's how it works--When you subscribe, you get my full backlog of music delivered through the Bandcamp app straight to your iOS or Android. No fuss, no muss and no messy downloading steps, plus you get all the new music I make, subscriber only tracks as I make them and access to the my fan community. In the future, discounts on merchandise, early access to tickets and maybe some things I haven't even thought of yet. Basically, I want to share everything musical I do with you.

All of this is my way of thanking you for all of your support because in all honesty, I couldn't do it without you..... well I could but it would be boring.

Many thanks for taking the time and consideration and helping to spread the love and beauty in the world.


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Pamela Mortensen
Portland, Oregon
Musician, composer acoustic adventurer and part time mad scientist. Weaving didgeridoo, a battery of hand percussion, voice, stomp box and imagination for an thrill ride through rhythm and organic sound synthesis.

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